Kimil Tekstil was established adopting an innovative company mission which is export-oriented and invests considering the future with its wide vision. Kimil Tekstil, providing European markets with knitted home textile products since 1995, has been proving its power and reliability in production and export.

Technological innovation is important for Kimil Tekstil and it makes modern and environmentally sensitive production consuming less energy. Kimil Tekstil makes plans to ensure highly efficient working conditions and operations through organizational innovation. Kimil Tekstil conveys its capacity by continuously increasing its competitive power through marketing innovation.

Kimil Tekstils serves its clients with its Knitting, Dyeing, and Garment facilities and adopts a perfectionist service policy by which it adds value to the business of its clients, reveals its difference with its high-quality perception and internationally approved certification.

For Kimil Tekstil, natural sustainability is of utmost importance, so it adopts a zero-waste policy by keeping the level of consumed energy through its production planning system established according to environmental protection principles, particularly at its dyeing facility.

Kimil Tekstil attains a high level of efficiency by providing the best occupational safety and health conditions for its employees who can focus on their jobs peacefully.

Kimil Tekstil has become one of the best companies and has increased its recognition in its sector both locally and internationally by its expertise in production and quality perception, the importance it gives both to human and environment, and the continuously enhancing values it provides for its customers.